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File:Foxes - EchoFile:Foxes - Foxes on Tour (Day in the Life)File:Foxes - Glorious (Official Video)
File:Foxes - Holding onto Heaven (Official Video)File:Foxes - Home (Official Video)File:Foxes - In Her Arms (Official Audio)
File:Foxes - Let Go for TonightFile:Foxes - Like Foxes DoFile:Foxes - Night Owls Early Birds (Audio) HD
File:Foxes - The Unknown (New Demo 2013)File:Foxes - Warrior (Audio)File:Foxes - What Do You Mean (Live on Total Access)
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File:Foxes during an H&M Loves Music photoshoot.jpgFile:Foxes during some Body Talk interviews.jpgFile:Foxes eating Nando's in the studio.jpg
File:Foxes finally deciding on a track listing for her second album.jpgFile:Foxes getting deep in the synth maze.jpgFile:Foxes in ASOS Magazine.png
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File:Foxes in her limited edition Foxes t-shirt.jpgFile:Foxes in the 2013 Company Magazine.jpgFile:Foxes in the music video for Clarity.png
File:Foxes in the tambourine zone.jpgFile:Foxes on the Orient Express.jpgFile:Foxes on the cover of Fabulous Magazine.jpg
File:Foxes performing "Don't Stop Me Now" (1).jpgFile:Foxes performing "Don't Stop Me Now" (2).jpgFile:Foxes performing "Don't Stop Me Now" (3).jpg
File:Foxes performing "Don't Stop Me Now" (4).jpgFile:Foxes performing at the 2014 iTunes Festival.jpgFile:Foxes performing at the 2014 iTunes Festival (2).jpg
File:Foxes performing at the 2014 iTunes Festival (3).jpgFile:Foxes performing at the 2014 iTunes Festival (4).jpgFile:Foxes performing at the 2014 iTunes Festival (5).jpg
File:Foxes pointing at Ella Eyre's Let Go For Tonight shirt.pngFile:Foxes singing in the music video for Clarity.pngFile:Foxes sitting on a sidewalk in a pink adidas sports bra.jpg
File:Foxes smiling cos All I Need became available for pre-order.jpgFile:Foxes with a group on the set for the LGFT music video.jpgFile:Foxes with a pink guitar.jpg
File:Foxes – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now – H&M Loves MusicFile:Giorgio Moroder.jpgFile:Glorious.jpg
File:Glorious (album).jpgFile:Glorious (album).pngFile:Glorious (song).png
File:Google hangout.jpgFile:Grace Macdonald Facebook profile picture.jpgFile:H&M Loves Music presents Foxes.jpg
File:Happy.jpgFile:Happy (Despicable Me 2 cover).jpegFile:Happy Foxes in a heart shirt.jpg
File:Happy birthday Jane!.jpgFile:Her eyebrows still exist.jpgFile:Holding onto Heaven.png
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File:ITunes Festival London banner.jpgFile:If You Leave Me Now.jpgFile:Jane Allen being chatted up.jpg
File:Jane Allen in a pink coat.jpgFile:Learning to drive.jpgFile:Let Go for Tonight.png
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File:Rudimental.jpgFile:Rudimental - Right Here ft. Foxes Official VideoFile:Rudimental and Foxes.jpg
File:Save Rock and Roll.pngFile:Soundchecking at Google UK.jpgFile:Stepping out of a Citroen.jpg
File:Studio clapping time.jpgFile:Sub Focus 'Until The End' Feat. FoxesFile:Sunday Brunch rehearsals.jpg
File:Talking to GhostsFile:Talking to Ghosts-0File:Talking to Ghosts-1
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File:V Festival 2014File:Warrior.jpgFile:Welcome to Glorious.PNG
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File:Yasuda Rei (2).jpgFile:Yasuda Rei and Foxes.pngFile:Younger Grace Macdonald.jpg
File:Youth.jpgFile:Zedd, Foxes and Sara Cox.jpgFile:Zedd - Clarity (Official Video) ft. Foxes
File:Zedd - Clarity feat. Foxes (Acoustic Version)File:Zedd - Making Of "Clarity" Music VideoFile:Zedd and Foxes at the 2014 GRAMMYs.png
File:Zedd and Foxes at the 56th Grammy Awards.jpgFile:Zedd and Foxes at the 56th Grammy Awards (2).jpgFile:Zedd and Foxes at the 56th Grammy Awards (3).jpg
File:Zedd and Foxes at the 56th Grammy Awards (4).pngFile:Zedd and Foxes at the 56th Grammy Awards (5).jpgFile:Zedd and Foxes on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.png
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