' It's been amazing to see this challenge through to the finishing line. It's been a long day, but I'm so excited to be able to say that I'm now a Guinness World Records title holder. '


C1ty to C1ty
City to City, stylized as C1ty to C1ty, was a Guinness World Records campaign sponsored by Citroën UK and successfully completed by Foxes. It occurred on 27 May 2015, and all funds were donated to Trekstock, a cancer awareness charity[2].


The goal of the challenge was to perform seven gigs in seven different locations across southeastern England within a twelve-hour period.

The gigs were as follows[3]:

  • 10.00AM – Southampton Students Union
  • 12.30PM – Brighton Concorde 2
  • 2.45PM – Guildford Rubix
  • 4.30PM – Reading 3Sixty
  • 6.15PM – Oxford Freud
  • 8.00PM – Buck's Student Union
  • 9.45PM – London House of Vans


  • Each location had to be at least 50km apart[1].
  • Each gig had to last at least 15 minutes[1].
  • The same set had to played at each gig[4].


  • Foxes had to speed up the last song of her final gig in order to meet the deadline[4].



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